Winston Churchill statue, Parliament Square, London

BLM Protestors Vandalise Churchill Statue on D-Day Anniversary

More Police Arrests as Violence Escalates

The Winston Churchill statue in London’s Parliament Square was vandalised during the Black Lives Matter protest, yesterday, on the 76th Anniversary of D-Day.

Police officers threw a cordon around the Churchill memorial, too late to prevent its defacement with lurid green graffiti.

The world-famous memorial of Britain’s war-time leader was defaced with the letters “ACAB”, which is thought to stand for “All Cops Are Bastards”.

The vandalism of the Churchill statue comes amidst increasing violence during Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

The Cenotaph in London had also been vandalised with graffiti Thursday. Eight troopers from the Houshold Cavalry who volunteered to scrub off “ACAB” from the Grade II listed memorial in Whitehall were heckled by BLM protestors. One woman attempted to film their faces saying that she would post them on social media.

Police Arrest 14 in London

Police said that 14 people had been arrested Saturday for assault on police officers, criminal damage, making threats and an incident of dangerous driving near the US Embassy.

totally unacceptable

Superintendent Jo Edwards, spokesperson for policing yesterday’s demonstration, said: “Twenty-three officers have received injuries, doing their job, policing protest over the last few days, and that is totally unacceptable. There have been 14 arrests made today, but we expect that number to rise and there will be a post-event investigation carried out.”

Intimidating crowds of BLM protesters gathered across the UK in defiance of Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s plea to observe COVID-19 protective measures and stay away.

Black Lives Matter rallies have been held in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff and Watford following the death of George Floyd. Protestors among the demonstrations have been seen holding placards reading “White equals Violence” and other racially charged messages.

On Friday, the Health Secretary urged people to avoid mass demonstrations as they breached lockdown rules. The civil unrest appears to have been highly organised by activist groups, with thousands taking to the streets.

Politician Nigel Farage tweeted earlier, following the descration of the Cenotaph:

Protests across the US have also been marred by looting, vandalism (including defacing the Alamo Cenotaph) and attacks on police officers, with videos of violence between police and angry crowds quickly spreading on social media.


The Winston Churchill statue was again vandalised Sunday. The name Churchill had a black line sprayed across it, with the words “was a racist” sprayed underneath. A placard was also taped to the body of the statue. Film footage showed protestors giving the clenched fist salute associated with the extremist Black Power movement.

A group of men were earlier seen surrounding the statue in an effort to prevent further vandalism. A video posted to Twitter shows that they were moved on by the police. In their absence, with police still in the area, the statue was again defaced.

According to one source, a group of veterans who had cleaned off the earlier graffiti from the Churchill statue were ordered to move along by the police.

Black Lives Matter protestors in Bristol also caused criminal damage when they toppled a statue of Edward Colston and threw it into the river.

Many in Britain are asking whether law and order has broken down.

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