Turkish Invasion of Syria Latest

ISIS Take Advantage of Turkish Offensive

As Turkish troops supported by armour, artillery and aircraft push into Syria as part of Operation Peace Spring, ISIS sleeper cells take advantage of the fighting to renew attacks against the Kurds. Kurdish media also reports high civilian casualties from indiscriminate Turkish artillery and air strikes, including attacks on hospitals and refugee columns.

Kurdish Civilians Suffer

Roj Hospital in Serêkaniyê city centre came under Turkish artillery fire, Oct. 12th, as Kurdish fighters resist Turkish encirclement. ANHA Hawar News Agency report 94 Jihadists killed and another 80 injured in the fighting, with Kurdish losses at 20 killed, 24 wounded. SDF reports that a mixed force of 3,000 mercenaries and Turkish soldiers is engaged in the assault.

ISIS Sees An Opportunity

Turkish shelling also allowed ISIS terrorists to escape from Jirkin Prison in Qamishli. Video footage showed large numbers of people fleeing the facility.

ISIS were reported to have carried out a suicide attack outside a restaurant in Qamishli city centre, the number of killed and injured not known. Further casualties reported in Qamishli after Turkish bombardment.

An ISIS car bomb also targeted a prison in Hessakeh that holds thousands of ISI prisoners.

SDF’s Commander-in-Chief, General Mazloum Abdi, confirmed Jihadist involvement, saying “We listen via radio-signals of Turkey’s backed militants, terms used by #ISIS & Al-Qaeda.”

The spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, Shervan Derwish, tweeted that “#Turkey is leading the war against #Kurds, #Arabs, #Christians & #Yazidis in NE #Syria through the “Mohammadi Army”, a par excellence #jihadist army.”

The SDF warned that “#Daesh will be organized inside the prisons & ready to attack the guards & escape. Outside the prisons, Daesh will be watching the defenses & planning an attack. They know they can get an entire [battalion] of fighters if they succeed.”

SDF Fighting Back

Kurdish forces directly engaged Turkish troops as they attempted to cross the border in Derik. Casualties reported on both sides all along the frontline.

SDF regain control of trans-national highway M4 after clashes with Turkey-backed militia.

Despite dogged resistance, SDF are facing a larger and better equipped enemy. Turks reported to be using UAVs, fighter jets, Haubitzer artillery, mortars and tanks in support of infantry advance.

US Forces Back in Position, Kobani

The SDF reported that US Special Forces had returned to their position near Kobani after coming under fire from Turkish artillery yesterday. SDF media describe this as an observation post.

SDF Calls on US to Do More

In a tweet, General Mazloum Abdi said “We do not regret our relationship with the #US., neither rejecting Qasim Soleimani’s offer. We are disappointed, and Mr.Trump is working to reconcile us with Turkey. Our condition for dialogue is a cease-fire, but @POTUS is not doing enough.”

General Abdi also added that “if the US is unable to lay a peaceful solution with Turkey, we ask it to prevent Turkey from using the airspace, as we can defend ourselves.”

Sources: Coordination and Military Ops Center -SDF; ANHA Hawar News Agency; SDF Press Office

Image: devastation in Syria following Turkish strikes.