Turkish army artillery fires on US Forces near Kobani, Syria

Turkey Shells US Forces in Kobani

US Troops Under Fire from Turkish Artillery

US military forces in the Kobani area, Syria, came under fire from Turkish artillery at around 21:00 local time, October 11th.

Kobanî, officially Ayn al-Arab, is a city in the Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria, lying immediately south of the border with Turkey. As a consequence of the Syrian Civil War, the city has been under control of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia since 2012

The US Department of Defense has released an official statement on the incident:

DOD Statement on Artillery Incident Near Kobani
Oct. 11, 2019

Attributable to Navy Capt. Brook DeWalt, Director, Defense Press Operations:

U.S. troops in the vicinity of Kobani came under artillery fire from Turkish positions at approximately 9 p.m. local Oct. 11.

The explosion occurred within a few hundred meters of a location outside the Security Mechanism zone and in an area known by the Turks to have U.S. forces present.

All U.S. troops are accounted for with no injuries.

U.S. Forces have not withdrawn from Kobani.

The United States remains opposed to the Turkish military move into Syria and especially objects to Turkish operations outside the Security Mechanism zone and in areas where the Turks know U.S. forces are present.

The U.S. demands that Turkey avoid actions that could result in immediate defensive action.

US Forces Will Defend Themselves

The Turkish Defense Ministry said Friday that Turkish artillery did not fire close to the US special operations unit near Kobani, adding that the Turkish forces were taking every measure to make sure the artillery fire does not hit the US forces in the area.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told reporters at the Pentagon, Friday, that “the Turkish military is fully aware down to explicit grid coordinate detail of the locations of US forces,” later adding, “We retain the right of self-defense.”

Source: DoD and additional sources.