RAF Typhoon FGR4 are deployed on Op SHADER against Islamic State (Crown Copyright, 2018)[880]

RAF Destroys ISIS Caves

Islamic State Caves and Tunnels in Iraq Destroyed by RAF Typhoons

The Ministry of Defence has released further information of the ongoing campaign against the Islamic State – Operation SHADER – with the news that RAF Typhoon aircraft have targeted and destroyed Islamic State caves and tunnels in Northern Iraq.

Following the liberation by the Syrian Democratic Forces of the last territory held by the Islamic State in Syria, Royal Air Force aircraft have continued to fly daily armed reconnaissance missions ready to support both the SDF and the Iraqi security forces to frustrate any attempts by the Islamic terrorists to re-establish a presence in either country.

On Wednesday 27 March, two Typhoon FGR4s flying from RAF Akrotiri, and supported by a Voyager air-refuelling tanker as normal, were tasked to assist the Iraqis, who had identified a set of caves used by the Islamic State in very hilly terrain some thirteen miles east of Bayji. The Typhoons were able to strike the two cave entrances with a Paveway IV apiece.

Coalition intelligence efforts pinpointed a dispersed Islamic State network of caves and tunnels in the hills some forty miles east-north-east of Tikrit, and two Typhoons were assigned to attack the six entrances on Wednesday 24 April. Paveway IV guided bombs were again used to destroy the targets.

Source: MOD

Image: RAF Typhoon FGR4 are deployed on Op SHADER against Islamic State (Crown Copyright, 2018).