British Army Royal Anglian Regiment 2nd Battalion, Exercise Ahmose, Egypt (Crown Copyright, 2019) [880]

Royal Anglians on Ex Ahmose, Egypt

2 R ANGLIAN Training with Egyptian 112th Infantry Brigade

The British Army has announced that the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as “The Poachers,” will take part in a rigorous military exercise south-west of Alexandria, Egypt.

C Company Group, 2 R ANGLIAN, will train alongside the Egyptian 112 Infantry Brigade in the first exercise of its kind.

As of 2014, the Egyptian Army has an estimated strength of 310,000 soldiers, comprising 90,000–120,000 professionals with the rest being conscripts. With a total of 438,500 active military personnel, the Arab Republic of Egypt ranks tenth in the world by size of its armed forces.

Exercise Ahmose 1 will involve over 150 British military personnel and is set to last a month. During this time, the soldiers will be put through their paces whilst undergoing several scenarios, involving urban operations, close quarter combat and an exhaustive live firing package. The exercise will culminate in a complex company live-fire attack, involving over 100 infantry soldiers navigating harsh terrain, while being supported by mortars, machine guns and snipers.

On completion of the exercise, C Company Group will be greeted by a VIP contingent comprising high-ranking officials from around the globe. Major General James Illingworth, OBE, Commander British Forces Cyprus, will also be in attendance.

The company will then travel back to Alexander Barracks in Cyprus where they will join the rest of the Battalion based there.

The Royal Anglian Regiment has Regular and Reserve battalions in the British Army’s Adaptive Force. The two regular battalions are based in Woolwich (1 R ANGLIAN) and Cyprus (2 R ANGLIAN), and our Reserve battalion has base locations throughout our Regimental footprint.

Source: British Army with additional reporting.

Image: British Army’s 2nd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment, on Ex Ahmose in Egypt (Crown Copyright, 2019).