RAF 111 Squadron Tornado F3 from RAF Leuchars firing defensive flares during the 2003 Iraq War OP TELIC (Crown Copyright, 2003)

RAF Break ISIS Attempt to Re-Establish in Iraq

RAF Tornados and Typhoons Hit Islamic State Targets in Iraq

The Islamic State’s efforts to re-establish an operational presence in Iraq were struck a blow on Wednesday, 23 May, when Royal Air Force Tornado GR4s guided a Paveway IV bomb onto a terrorist safe house which had been identified by intelligence at a remote wadi deep in the western desert of the country, some 65 miles south-east of Ar Rutbah. On Monday, 28 May, an RAF Tornado flight responded to a similar request for assistance when two Islamic State fighters were spotted on a hillside in northern Iraq, some miles to the north of Makhmur; our aircraft delivered an attack with a Paveway IV.

RAF Typhoons Destroy ISIS Tunnels, Bunker in Northern Iraq

Intelligence identified a small cluster of Islamic State locations hidden in the hills south of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq. A flight of RAF Typhoons were tasked with their destruction on Monday, 11 June, and they delivered a simultaneous attack with Paveway IVs against a tunnel and a cave, then a further attack to destroy a bunker dug into the hillside.

Note: in reports, the MOD refers to the Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL) as Daesh.

Source: MOD

Image: A Tornado F3 from RAF Leuchars (111 Sqn) firing defensive flares during OP TELIC in Iraq in 2003. The main difference between the Tornado GR and the F3 was the extended fuselage, longer range air intercept Foxhunter Radar (replacing the terrain-following/ground mapping radar) and the armament. Extension of the fuselage provided additional space for avionics and an extra 900 litres of fuel. F-3s from all four active UK squadrons were deployed during the 2003 Iraq War (Op Telic). Designed to protect UK airspace and able to engage several targets simultaneously, the Tornado F3 could patrol for over three hours at 300 nautical miles from base. The Tornado F3 was replaced in front-line RAF service by the Typhoon. (Crown Copyright, 2003)