British Army, Defence NBC Centre instructor with a Manportable Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD) Remote Display Unit (Crown, 2005)

New Defence Competition for Chemical Weapons Clearance

UK’s Defence and Security Accelerator Seeks Innovation in Chemical and Biological Munitions Clearance

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) will launch a new competition later this year, according to the Ministry of Defence.

Safely eliminating biological and chemical munitions on the battlefield

The new competition was announced at the 21st annual Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference in London this week. The UK’s Ministry of Defence and US Department of Defense will together launch the DASA competition to seek innovative technical solutions to the safe destruction of small caches of chemical and biological munitions found on the battlefield.

The British Army’s current role in bomb disposal involving chemical materials was highlighted during Operation MORLOP to decontaminate Salisbury following the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

More details of the DASA competition will be announced over the summer, with a formal launch scheduled for September.

Source: MOD.

Image: An instructor at the Defence NBC Centre operates the Manportable Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD) Remote Display Unit. This vital piece of equipment gives troops in the field precious extra seconds to detect and identify chemicals and toxins in the air and on the ground.