RAF Tornado GR4 with Storm Shadow Missiles (Crown Copyright, OGL)

RAF Operations Against ISIS Continue Over Iraq

RAF Tornados Destroy Islamic Terrorists as Op SHADER Continues

The RAF is continuing attacks against the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) in Iraq, according to the MOD. On Sunday, 11 March, coalition surveillance identified a small group of Islamic State fighters in a hilly region some 25 miles south east of Qayyarah and the Iraqi security forces requested assistance in dealing with them. Two Tornado GR4s eliminated the ISIS group with a single Paveway IV, thus preventing any effort to re-establish terrorist activities in the area.

On the night of Wednesday. 5 April, two RAF Typhoon FGR4s, based at Akrotiri and supported by a Voyager air refuelling tanker, were dispatched to the western deserts of Iraq, some 40 miles south-east of Ar Rutbah, where a surveillance aircraft was tracking a group of Islamic State fighters. An initial strike by the Tornados, armed with Paveway IV guided bombs, saw one aircraft attack several of the extremists, whilst the second aircraft destroyed their truck, parked some distance away. Within the hour, further members of the group had been identified nearby and were destroyed successfully by a third Paveway IV.

A further attempt by Islamic State to resume operations in Iraq was frustrated by two Tornado GR4s on Monday 23 April. Iraqi security forces had identified a group of terrorists at large in the north-west of the country. The Tornados, conducting an armed reconnaissance patrol over Syria, were duly retasked to deal with them. The terrorists were camped on a ridgeline some ten miles south-east of Tal Afar, and their location was accurately struck by two Paveway IVs. Immediately following the attack, a number of extremists were spotted attempting to disperse over the hillside, but they were successfully eliminated by further attacks with two Brimstone missiles and a third Paveway.

Image: RAF Tornado (Crown Copyright, 2018).