British Army, The Yorkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion (2 YORKS), medal parade following Op TORAL, Afghanistan (Crown Copyright, 2018) [news][880]

Op TORAL Medal for 2 YORKS

Soldiers of The Yorkshire Regiment Return from Afghanistan

Nearly 400 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (2 YORKS), were awarded operational medals for Operation TORAL, the codename for British Army operations in Afghanistan, at a special presentation at Richmond Castle.

The soldiers from 2 YORKS based at Somme Barracks, Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, have taken part in two four-month operational tours on Operation TORAL 5. This is the first time they have deployed as a regiment to Afghanistan since 2012. Their last deployment was to Iraq in 2014.

Duke of York Praises Soldiers Professionalism on Op TORAL

His Royal Highness the Duke of York attended the Medals Parade at Richmond Castle on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, as the Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief. The Duke said the soldiers had excelled through their commitment and professionalism.

2 YORKS awarded medals for Operation TORAL deployment in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Humphris, Commanding Officer of 2 YORKS, said of his soldiers:

They absolutely set the standard in Kabul, both in their day-to-day business of protecting the high tempo ‘train, advise and assist’ mission; but also whenever they have been required to respond to attacks or conduct deliberate operations.

As a result we have saved many lives and made safe many others and those tallies are but two of the Battalion’s impressive legacies to the mission. It has been my greatest privilege to serve with them on operations and to share their many successes. They have been magnificent.

2 YORKS were deployed as part of the Kabul Security Force providing Force Protection and transport for British Military mentors working to improve the efficiency of Afghanistan institutions and government departments. 2 YORKS Guardian Angel’s, or GA’s,  worked alongside the mentors in and around Kabul creating a ring of steel ensuring that they can conduct their mission safely in a hostile environment.

2 YORKS also provided the Quick Reaction Force in Kabul in support of Afghan Security Forces who have primacy, reacting to incidents as directed by Commander of British Forces & Kabul Security Force Designate Brigadier Simon L Humphrey.

2 YORKS were also assisted by RAF Puma Mark 2s, flying out of Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Sources: MOD; British Army.

Images: 2 YORKS medal parade, Richmond Castle, following return from Op TORAL in Afghanistan (Crown Copyright, 2018).