GSCI QUADRO-S Fusion Weapon Sight

Is GSCI’s QUADRO-S the Only Fusion Weapon Sight at DSA 2018?

GSCI’s Next Generation Night Vision

What is a fusion weapon sight? For night vision the choice for the military and law enforcement has traditionally been between light intensification and thermal imaging, either amplifying available visible light no matter how low, or using a non-visible part of the spectrum, infrared – each with advantages and disadvantages. Until now. Enter GSCI’s QUADRO-S.

Fusion is the Future

Sensor technology has been expanding across more bands of the electromagnetic spectrum than ever before while getting smaller, lighter and more power efficient, but it still forces the soldier or law enforcement officer to make a choice: visible light or infrared?

It was clear that a better solution would be to combine the advantages of light intensification and infrared so as to overcome their disadvantages. This is what Bertin Technologies, Night Optics, ITT Exelis and Pyser Optics have been doing, but Canada’s General Starlight Company, Inc. (GSCI) might just have done it better in the shape of the QUADRO-S.

GSCI QUADRO-S Fusion Weapon Sight Made in Canada

GSCI’s QUADRO-S Fusion Weapon Sight – Made in Canada

Andrew B., Lead Technician at GSCI, highlighted the problems of making a fusion sight that was compact, durable, high-powered and affordable.

Many talk about [fusion] technology, many know how it works yet there was no such product in serial production… This was our driving force – to make something unique, yet accessible and affordable – and we are proud of our achievement. We had to work around many challenges to achieve low power consumption suitable for battery operation, to make it small, to make it durable, and finally to provide a perfectly usable real-time fusion video feed for unmatched in-class detection capabilities.
– Andrew B., Lead Technician at GSCI.

The QUADRO-S certainly gets compact and durable right, with a 170x91x70mm body fully weather-proofed to IP67 standard and weighing just 750g. But seeing is believing as they say, so what about the image? Optically, a fast f/1.0 35mm lens delivers a 17.3° x 13.3° field of view, grabbing as much available light as it can for the 640×480 FPA Resolution digital display and the all important refresh rate is a comfortable 50Hz, with built-in video recording.

Patented Technology Delivers Innovative Fusion

At GSCI they have patented a new multi-sensor technology to sit inside the QUADRO-S. It offers four modes of operation: thermal, daytime, night-time and the show stopper, a day/night hybrid view called Fusion Mode. Fusion brings together the visible/near infrared and long-wave infrared ranges of the spectrum to create a detailed coloured image with excellent contrast. Explaining the revolutionary quality of this breakthrough, a GSCI spokesman told Warfare.Today that “Any inherent limitations found in thermal imaging or night vision alone are negated when these channels work together.”

Versatile Sight for Tactical Surveillance, Observation and Engagement

Designed for tactical surveillance, observation and engagement at the short-to-medium range – it has a human detection range out to 1,100m – the fusion sight can be weapon mounted, helmet mounted, used on a tripod (with remote control, for example), or handheld, making it suitable for a wide variety of military and law enforcement uses.

The real test, however, comes from professionals who might be expected to use the QUADRO-S. One Canadian law enforcement officer (who cannot be named) said it was “the most unique, well-rounded fusion system [they have] ever had the pleasure of operating. The thermal image is evidently of very high quality, which makes the fusion mode impressively clear and effective.”

In an age of cheap and poor quality electronics, GSCI have managed the difficult task of balancing top quality against a competitive price-tag aimed at the high-end of the defence and security market. According to GSCI, the QUADRO-S costs less than any other high-performance fusion weapon sight currently on the market and, with no ITAR restrictions, its available for worldwide export. The confidence GSCI has in the quality of the QUADRO-S is backed up by a 7 year limited warranty.

Entry into the Asian Market at DSA 2018

Already having a significant Canadian customer base, GSCI is looking to break into the Asian market with a presentation of the QUADRO-S at DSA 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 16 to 19 April. Everyone’s key Asian market is China, but with a booming defence industry of its own, GSCI will also be looking towards Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

GSCI’s QUADRO-S is not the only fusion weapon sight at DSA 2018, but we think that it might just be the best. If you are at DSA 2018, visit the GSCI stand (#30657) for a demonstration. Everyone else can visit the website and get in touch by email, or telephone +1 905-850-0990.