British Police Firearms Officer Project Servator (CC2, 2012)

MOD Police in Project Servator to Protect London

New Policing Tactics to Beat Soaring Crime in UK Capital

On Thursday, 5 April 2018, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) formally launched the London-wide introduction of Project Servator at the Tower of London. The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) Whitehall Project Servator team attended the launch, which was followed by a joint Servator deployment with officers from the MPS and British Transport Police (BTP) in and around Parliament Square.

New Methods to Combat Crime and Terrorism

Project Servator is a policing tactic that is designed to deter, detect and disrupt all forms of criminal activity, including terrorism. Project Servator sees the deployment of specially trained highly visible and covert police officers, supported by other resources such as dogs, firearms officers, marine police units, plain clothes officers, vehicle checkpoints, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and CCTV.

Joint Project Servator deployment at Westminster.

Project Servator deployment in London (MOD/Crown Copyright, 2018)

The MDP has had a fully trained Project Servator team operating from its Whitehall station since February 2018 and work in partnership with colleagues in the MPS and BTP on Servator deployments in and around the Whitehall area.

MDP Deputy Chief Constable (right) with colleagues from Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police.

MOD Police Deputy Chief Constable (right) with colleagues from Metropolitan Police Service and City of London Police during the launch of Project Servator (MOD/Crown Copyright, 2018).

The MDP Deputy Chief Constable Peter Terry, who attended the MPS Servator launch event, said:

The Ministry of Defence Police is delighted to be working together with our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police and the City of London Police on the implementation of Project Servator in London. Our joint Servator deployments in and around Whitehall add an extra dimension to the existing security arrangements that are already in place and provide a highly visible and reassuring police presence for the public.

The positive feedback we have received from our customers and the public testifies to the positive impact of Project Servator in providing reassurance and encouraging community engagement.

In addition to Whitehall, the MDP also has Project Servator teams operating at the Atomic Weapons Establishment sites in Berkshire and at Portsmouth Naval Base. MDP are also preparing to launch Project Servator on the Clyde in conjunction with Police Scotland.


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