French Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale GIGN (PI2G) team (Domenjod, 2015, CC4)

Will France Reinstate State of Emergency?

French Politicians Demand Crack Down on Muslim Extremists After Latest Terrorist Attack

Calls are growing to reinstate France’s state of emergency and crack down further against suspected Muslim extremists after last week’s terror attack that left four dead in southern France — and as the country prepares to bury the victims.

President Emmanuel Macron will be presiding over a national ceremony Wednesday in Paris to honor Arnaud Beltram — the policeman killed after trading places with a hostage during last week’s terrorist attack in southern France.

The nation will come together again on Thursday to mark the burial of Beltram and the three others murdered by 25-year-old Moroccan Islamic radical Redouane Lakdim during a terrorist attack last Friday.

The political fallout is growing as center and right politicians call for restoring a state of emergency in France, which ended last November.

Lock Up or Expell ‘S’ File Terror Suspects

During a National Assembly debate Tuesday, the parliament’s center-right Les Republicains party head Christian Jacob said the state of emergency, put in place after the 2015 Bataclan attacks, should never have been lifted. It was time, he said, to lock up those radicalized and tracked under France’s so-called ‘S’ file of potentially dangerous suspects. He said those of foreign origin should be expelled.

That would have included the Moroccan-born terrorist Lakdim, shot dead by Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN) officers, ending a hostage-taking standoff at a southern French supermarket. Lakdim’s 18-year-old girlfriend is being detained, and the Paris prosecutor has requested that she be placed under formal investigation.

Hundreds Killed by Islamic Terrorists

France has been hit by 20 terrorist attacks that have killed 245 people since 2014. Some opposition politicians accuse the Macron government of being naive and soft on terrorism. On the other side, rights groups have lambasted the government’s anti-terrorism legislation that replaced the state of emergency.

At the National Assembly, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe rejected calls for restoring the state of emergency and banning the ultra-conservative Salafi branch of Islam. He said France needs to fight terrorism with laws, and you cannot deprive people of their liberties based on suspicion.

Leftwing Politician Sentenced for Beltram Tweet

Meanwhile, judges handed a former leftist parliamentary candidate a suspended prison sentence for appearing to celebrate policeman Beltram’s death in a tweet.

Source: Voice of America

Image: French Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale GIGN (PI2G) team (Domenjod, 2015, CC4).

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