2 YORKS Foxhound, Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA), Kabul, Afghanistan (Crown Copyright, 2017)

2 YORKS on Scene at Kabul Hotel Terror Attack

British Army Soldiers Responded to Taliban Suicide Attack

British soldiers were on scene during an 18-hour confrontation with Taliban terrorists at the Intercontinetal Hotel in Kabul, Afganistan, at the weekend. 22 people have been confirmed killed.

Operation TORAL

The 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (2 YORKS), are currently deployed on Operation TORAL as the British Army’s Quick Reaction Force providing force protection to NATO allies in Afghanistan. The British Soldiers, assisted by the Australian Army and Oklahoma National Guard, evacuated civilians whilst Afghan Special Forces went inside the hotel.

Islamic Terrorists Hunted Down Foreigners

Six Taliban terrorists dressed in Afghan army uniforms and wearing suicide vests breached hotel security to hunt down foreign nationals. Some 14 foreigners, including at least 4 US citizens, were killed. Many of them were working for the private Afghan airline KamAir. About 150 people were rescued or managed to escape, some reportedly hiding in bathtubs or under mattresses.

Najib Danish, spokesman for the Afghan interior ministry, said on Tuesday that security forces also defused a vehicle full of explosives near the hotel after the siege ended.

Haqqani Network Link

An Afghan Interior Ministry statement also claimed that the Taliban-allied, al-Qaeda-affiliated Haqqani network of terrorists were responsible for the violence.

Source: Forces.net; VoA

Image: 2 YORKS Foxhound provides force protection outside the Afghan National Army Officer Academy (ANAOA), Kabul, Afghanistan (Crown Copyright, 2017).