British Army Air Corps 658 Squadron Dauphin Helicopter (Blue Thunder), by Makr Harkin, 2010 (CC4)[880x440]

Blue Thunder: SAS on London Bridge

SAS Airborne Counter Terrorism Responds to Islamic Attacks

22nd Special Air Service (22 SAS)¬†deployed in the capital last night following the Islamic terrorist attacks that left 6 innocent people dead and 48 wounded, according to latest reports. Flying in by blue Dauphin helicopter, the unit, nicknamed ‘Blue Thunder’ by the press, responded rapidly to the fast developing terrorist situation in London.

Blue Thunder

With multiple attacks taking place and attackers still on the loose, the decision was quickly made to deploy the specially trained counter-terrorism unit of 22 SAS.

A van was deliberately driven into pedestrians on London Bridge. Witnesses reported seeing people being thrown into the air by the collision.

Three attackers then left the van, wearing stab-proof vests (or possibly dummy suicide vests), and attacked the clientele of the Wheatsheaf pub in nearby Borough Market.

Another knife-attack incident reported in Vauxhall was later confirmed to be unrelated.

The SAS helicopter landed directly on London Bridge to assist in tracking down the terrorists. Armed police and armed counter-terrorism police units were already on the scene.

Up to five terrorist were initially feared to be involved in the attack. AT least two were shot and killed by responding officers, but a manhunt was called after it was believed other suspects were on the run. A third man was later also confirmed shot and killed by police.

658 Squadron

The AS365 N3 Dauphin helicopter is flown by 658 Squadron Army Air Corps, based at SAS HQ Stirling Lines, Credenhill, near Hereford. The Blue Thunder unit was initially reported in the press in March 2016, with the use of helicopters to deploy to terrorist incidents seen as a response to changing terrorist threat scenarios, moving from typical siege situations to mobile gunmen and suicide bombers.

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