RAF Tornado, RAF Marham, low level flying over Wales, by SAC Tim Laurence (Crown Copyright, 2015)

Tornados Take Out ISIS Snipers in Mosul

RAF Control the Skies as Fight for Western Mosul Continues

Tornados flying over western Mosul used a Brimstone missile to silence a sniper team that had opened fire on Iraqi troops, Wednesday, May 10, according to a Ministry of Defence briefing released May 16. The Tornados also used a Paveway IV against a building held by the Islamic State in Mosul.

the Tornados were back on Thursday, May 11. Two flights of Tornados patrolled over Mosul, using Brimstone missiles against two Islamic State positions very close to Iraqi troops. A further Paveway IV eliminated a mortar in a courtyard, and three more Paveways destroyed roads to prevent Islamic State from using truck-bombs.

Friday, May 12, saw Tornados cut three more key routes in Mosul, as well as conducting a Brimstone attack on an Islamic StateĀ  position in the city.

Similar operations continued on Saturday, May 13. Tornados cut yet another part of the road network, and struck two Islamic State sniper positions in Mosul, before one pair headed west to Bulayj to destroy an armed truck.

Both Typhoons and Tornados hit targets in Mosul on Sunday, May 14. The Tornados cratered a further key choke-point on the roads, while the Typhoons delivered attacks on a mortar team, two heavy machine-gun positions and an Islamic State-held building.

Image: RAF Tornado from RAF Marham, low level flying, by SAC Tim Laurence (Crown Copyright, 2015).

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