RAF 15 Squadron Tornado GR4 from RAF Lossiemouth in Role Demo in 2012, by SAC Rob Travis (Crown Copyright, 2012)

Tornados Strike ISIS in West Mosul

RAF Continues Air Support Over Iraq and Syria

As Coalition Defence Ministers met in Copenhagen to discuss progress in the campaign against Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh), the RAF continued to provide air support over Iraq and Syriain Operation Shader, the codename for the British contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve.

ISIS Positions Destroyed in Precision Strikes

With Iraqi forces continuing their operations to clear Daesh from areas of western Mosul which they still occupy, two flights of Royal Air Force Tornados provided close air support on Wednesday 3 May. Direct hits were scored with Brimstone missiles on two rooftop firing positions. A third terrorist position was also struck with a Paveway IV guided bomb in an attack carefully planned to minimise the potential risk to the Iraqi troops who were very close by.

On Thursday 4 May, a Tornado flight used a Paveway IV to destroy a command post some 15 miles west of Kirkuk. Meanwhile a second Tornado mission attacked a truck-bomb factory at the north-western edge of Mosul. Four Paveway IVs struck one large and two smaller buildings.

On Sunday, 7 May, Tornados were again in action over Mosul, when they used a Brimstone missile to engage a Daesh firing point.

Two Typhoons joined other Coalition aircraft in a strike mission on Monday 8 May, against a Daesh truck-bomb factory in western Iraq, north-west of Ar Rutbah. RAF aircraft targeted five buildings within the complex, which were all destroyed or severely damaged.

The same day, two flights of Tornados continued their operations over Mosul. One pair conducted a series of attacks to support the Iraqi infantry, hitting Daesh fighters firing from rooftops and within buildings, and demolishing a local Daesh headquarters. The second pair of Tornados used Paveway IVs to cut the road network at three key choke-points to prevent Daesh moving vehicles, particularly truck-bombs, towards districts liberated by the Iraqis.

Typhoons Over Syria

Typhoons also supported the Syrian Democratic Forces to the west of Raqqa on Saturday 6 May, delivering a successful Paveway attack on a building defended by a number of Daesh fighters.

Source: Ministry of Defence (Crown Copyright)

Image: RAF XV(Reserve) Squadron Tornado GR4 from RAF Lossiemouth in Role Demo in 2012, by SAC Rob Travis (Crown Copyright, 2012).

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