Outskirts of Mosul, Northern Iraq, 17 November 2016, by Mstyslav Chernov

Iraqi Army Nears Iron Bridge in #Mosul

27th Day in Battle for Western Mosul

The battle for western Mosul, Irag, is now in its 27th day. Iraqi security forces continue to make gains and defend their ground against fierce enemy resistance, according to Pentagon spokesman, US Navy Capt. Jeff Davis.

At the Iron Bridge

The Iraqi forces are nearing a bridge, commonly known as the “Iron Bridge,” in the center of the city, Davis said. “They are just about at that bridge, they don’t yet control it,” he added. “They’re into the densest part of the city here.”

Since the start of the west Mosul offensive, Iraqi forces have gained more than 160 square miles of territory, Davis told reporters. The most recent gain, though less than half of a square mile, is “pretty significant,” he said, considering the city’s dense urban terrain.

Fierce Fighting in Mosul’s Old City

The Federal Police and Rapid Response Division continued to clash with ISIL in Old City, coming within 500 meters of the al-Nuri Mosque. Heavy rain slowed further advances. Iraqi forces also captured a hospital and an ISIL attack on Badush was also repelled. They continued advancing in Old City on 17 March, trying to gain control of a main road used by ISIL to launch VBIEDs at their positions. A spokesman for the Federal Police said that they had captured al-Basha mosque, al-Adala street and Bab al-Saray market.

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi Army Operation “We Are Coming, Nineveh” (قادمون يا نينوى; Qadimun Ya Naynawa).

Source: US DoD; Reuters, “Iraqi forces edge into Mosul’s Old City, Nuri mosque in sight”, 17 March 2017.

Photo: Outskirts of Mosul, Northern Iraq, 17 November 2016, by Mstyslav Chernov.

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