Ka-52 Attack Helicopter Deliveries to Egypt to Begin in 2017


Russian Helicopters, a leading global designer and manufacturer of helicopters, confirms that the first of an eventual 46 Alligators will be handed over to Cairo this year.

The Ka-52 Alligator is an all-weather, day-night combat helicopter. It is designed to destroy armoured and unarmoured ground targets, low-speed aerial targets and enemy front-line and tactical reserve troops, and to undertake reconnaissance missions and co-ordination of groups of military helicopters.

The Alligator is equipped with stealth technologies and active IR and electronic jammers, and is designed to Russian and international standards for combat helicopters and their operation.

The Ka-52 has a twin-seat cockpit and can be controlled by either pilot. Its coaxial rotors provide advanced flight abilities and allow it to maneuver rapidly in tight airspace to secure a favorable attacking position.

The Alligator’s other advantages include a high degree of protection for the crew, state-of-the-art automated systems that make piloting easier, and ease of ground maintenance. Powerful armored protection and ejection seats unique fort its class make the Ka-52 Alligator one of the safest helicopters for crew.

The helicopter is equipped with satellite navigation, with color displays in the cockpit conveying a wide range of information, including a digital map of the terrain.

Source: DefenseTalk.com

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