US Army Delta Coy, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Reg, Fort Irwin, calif, 24 Feb 2015, by Pfc William Lockwood

Investigation into Shooting of US Special Forces in Jordan

King Faisal Air Base Shooting in 2016

The United States Special Operations Command has released a sumary of the investigation into the shooting of three US Army special forces soldiers in Jordan in 2016.
The incident on 4 November 2016 at King Faisal Air Base, Jordan, led to the death of Staff Sgt. Kevin McEnroe, Staff Sgt. James Moriarty, and Staff Sgt. (P) Matthew Lewellen.

USSOCOM Investigation Findings

The three special forces soldiers were returning to King Faisal Air Base in a four-vehicle convoy when a Jordanian Air Force guard opened fireon the second vehicle. Staff Sgt McEnroe was immediately killed and Staff Sgt (P) Lewellen was mortally wounded. Staff Sgt Moriarty and another soldier left their vehicles to seek cover as the Jordanian Air Force guard closed in. The soldiers attempted to communicate with the guard, but were failed, forcing them to return fire. Staff Sgt Moriarty stood up and fired at the guard, allowing the other soldier to re-position himself. Moriarty was unable to stop he guard, who was wearing body armour, and he himself was hit with two rounds. From his new position other soldier was able to seriously wound the guard. Both Staff Sgt (P) Lewellen and Staff Sgt Moriarty were medi-vaced from the scene, but later died of their wounds en route to King Hussein Hospital, Amman.

The report noted that soldiers were proficient in Modern Standard Arabic and had additional training in Levantine Arabic, and found no error on their part.

Soldiers Acted with Great Valour

USSOCOM expressed its condolences to the families of the dead men and stated that all three had died in honorable service to their country and had shown great valour during the incident.

An FBI criminal investigation is ongoing.

Photo: US Army Delta Coy, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Reg, Fort Irwin, calif, 24 Feb 2015, by Pfc William Lockwood.

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