Virtual Air Tattoo 2020


Following the cancellation of the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) this year, the Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprises (RAFCTE) are preparing an innovative online programme to be broadcast on what would have been the RIAT weekend; 18-19 Jul.  

The free to view programme, presented from a studio by the Air Tattoo commentators, includes an exciting mix of new and archive footage, virtual air displays from around the world, aircraft tours and insights.  

RAFCTE will present an exhilarating array of real and virtual air displays from around the world. Between air displays there will be live studio coverage, including live interviews of Red 10, one of the Red Arrows’ engineers, and pilots from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Typhoon Display.  

The RAF will provide content for viewers wanting to step away from the ‘display line’, users can tune in to RAF social media where there will be unseen and behind the scenes footage throughout the day, including in depth behind the scenes footage of the Royal Flight, RAF Reserves, Space and more. 

The RAF’s Video Gaming and Esports Association will also be live on Twitch with members of RAF Sports Associations holding socially distanced competitions, additional interviews from participants in vAT and two evenings of Esports competitions running after the Virtual Air Tattoo has ended

virtual air tattoo

How to watch 

Go to and follow links to YouTube and Facebook to watch Live between 1100-1500 on 18 – 19 July. 

Follow RAF on Facebook and standby to receive updates and videos with more exciting content.  There will be posts throughout the day of additional videos that won’t be shown on the RAFCTE channel.  These will remain on Facebook for you to view at any time.   

Follow RAF on Twitter, turn on notifications, and we will let you know what is coming up on RAFCTE and RAF channels.  You will also see links to loads more RAF footage, given by your teams.  We will also be acknowledging our international partners that have contributed to vAT.  

Follow RAFVGEA on Twitch – members of the RAF Video Gaming and Esports Association will be showcasing a variety of games over the weekend including several Armed Forces Competitions.

Source: RAF

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