#BlueLivesMatter Riot in Brixton

22 Police Officers Injured During Public Disorder on London Streets

Wooden clubs, knives, bottles used by mob against Metropolitan Police as they shouted “run them out”.

Run them out

Metropolitan Police vehicle attacked black riot in Brixton, London (via social media) [orig]

Metropolitan Police vehicle attacked by black males during Brixton riot

A large number of people congregating in the area of Overton Road, Brixton, South London, Wednesday evening turned violent as they attacked police officers.

Video footage showed two black males jumping on a police car and smashing its windscreen. Black males were also seen confronting polce officers, one of them appeared to be armed with a plank of wood.

The crowd had unlawfully gathered for an unlicensed music event at around 19:00. Police arrived on scene after receiving complaints from residents of noise, anti-social behaviour and violence.

Video showed a predominantly black group causing the disturbance. Brixton has a notorious history of race riots, drugs and gang violence. There have been major riots in Brixton in 1981, 1985, 1995 and 2011.

Racial tensions have been running high in the capital with widespread civil unrest, damage to property and violence in connection with Black Lives Matter protests.


Sustained attack from bottles and missiles

Metropolitan Police respond to black riot in Brixton, London (via social media) [orig]

Police forced back by black rioters

One of the officers on the scene, PC Reg Hollis, tweeted that offiers had come under “sustained attack from bottles and missiles.’

He tweeted: ‘Four on my team struck but ok. Tactical withdrawal. Everyone of us wanted to kit up and go back in , due to injured officers unable to do so. Proud of all officers there last night. Very Hostile crowd.”

Newspaper headlines described “overpowered police” being “forced to flee streets”.

Police Federation chaiman John Asper was shocked by the riot:
“The level of anger, hatred and violence shown against police officers by some is disgraceful.

Media Reporting Blamed

Asper also believed that the media was to blame: “Some of the inaccurate and inflammatory reporting by some MSM has made my colleagues fair game for those who don’t need much of an excuse. My colleagues don’t deserve this.”

The Metropolitan Police said that the mob was finally cleared in the early hours of Thursday. A Section 60 order, giving police powers to stop and search without reasonable suspicion, has now been put in place in the area.

One commentator on the Daily Mail website expressed the concerns of many: “The police in London have lost control”.

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Image: black males attack a police vehicle in Brixton during rioting (via social media).