Aircraftman Turns Injury to Record

A Trainee Gunner from RAF Honington has managed to break a British and World Record on a Ski Erg through rehabilitation following injury.      

Aircraftman Edward Iredale (27) of Ellenborough is currently training for the RAF Regiment but unfortunately suffered a set-back due to injury. As part of his rehabilitation he used the Ski Erg, which is a piece of equipment that imitates Nordic Skiing one of the toughest workouts around – developing strength and endurance exercising the legs, arms and core muscles. He was able to set a new British record using the Ski Erg on 25th November 2019 of 10,000 metres completed in 35 minutes and 45.9 seconds.


This wasn’t good enough for Edward, he then went on to set a new World Record on 4th December 2019 of 8,546 metres completed in 30 minutes.

Edward’s injury was sustained whilst carrying out the fire and manoeuvre exercise during the Annual Combat Markmanship Test back in October.  This is an exercise which sees the trainees run and then leap to the floor as if in combat and preparing to shoot the enemy.  He rolled his ankle but was unaware of the extent of his injury and pressed on through the course.  It wasn’t until he rolled it again a short while later during a Field Craft exercise and struggled to even walk on the ankle that he was immediately referred to the Medical Centre whereby it was confirmed that he had torn ligaments.

RAF Regiment

Edward joined the RAF earlier this year as he wanted a better life for himself and his girlfriend, and a career that would allow him to be outdoors and adventurous.  Edward said:

“I wanted to feel like I belong somewhere, to something important.  Everyone looks up to the RAF, and everyone knows it’s an important, professional organisation, and I wanted to be part of something that’s that good.”  

Without injury, he has completed fell running events and half marathons and enjoys competing in challenging environments.  However, with an injury he has excelled himself through his biggest challenge yet and managed to break records!  

Source: RAF

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