RAF Typhoons take part in Qatar National Day Celebrations

The Royal Air Force’s Number 12 Squadron has today flown RAF Typhoons alongside the Qatari Emiri Air Force as part of a large display over Qatar’s capital city Doha. The flypast is part of the Qatar National Day celebrations and represents a landmark moment. 


12 Squadron was re-established on 24th July 2018 and will shortly become a joint Royal Air Force, Qatari Emiri Air Force squadron that will integrate personnel from both nations.  This is the first time that the squadron has flown in Qatar since becoming a formed unit.


The squadron will prepare the QEAF for the standing up of its first purely Qatari operated Typhoon squadron by 2022.  This will be done in time for the delivery of 24 state of the art aircraft that Qatar purchased from the UK last year.


12 Squadron’s participation in the event further cements the already strong ties between the UK and Qatar.  It also provided an unrivalled first opportunity to fly side-by-side with some of QEAF’s most experienced pilots. 

Qatar-national-day Wing Commander Chris Wright, Officer Commanding Number 12 Squadron

“We greatly enjoyed the privilege of participation in the Qatari National Day Flypast over Doha, witnessed by His Excellency the Emir of Qatar. The celebrations surrounding this day have been a sight to behold – the Qatari national pride is evident at literally every street corner. We have loved playing our small part and are already looking forward to next year when 12 Squadron will return to Qatar with our own Qatari pilots and ground crew.”

Wing Commander Chris Wright
Officer Commanding Number 12 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Helen Seaman, Junior Engineering Officer 12 Squadron said:

“With the success of our co-operation here and the Qatari National Day Flypast, I hope our colleagues in the QEAF have enjoyed working with us. I am personally looking forward to our two countries working together and the learning opportunities the Joint Squadron presents.”

The next phase of joint training will take place in the UK at RAF Coningsby.

Source: RAF

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