Royal Navy Dreadnought Nuclear Submarine (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Fourth Dreadnought Named HMS King George VI

Regal Monicker for Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine

The Royal Navy’s fourth Dreadnought-class submarine has been named as HMS King George VI. Ahead of a special service at Westminster Abbey today to recognise the Royal Navy’s Continuous-at-Sea-Deterrent (CASD) over the past 50 years, the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, announced that HMS King George VI will now join HMS Dreadnought, Valiant and Warspite as the fourth Dreadnought submarine.

The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, said: “Today’s announcement that the fourth of our future ballistic missile submarine fleet will be named HMS King George VI follows a long tradition of naming capital ships after our country’s monarchs; together with her sisters Dreadnought, Valiant and Warspite these submarines represent the cutting edge of underwater capability and will meet the awesome challenge of continuous at sea deterrence into the second half of the 21st century.”

HMS King George VI makes history as it will become the first naval vessel to bear that royal title. King George VI had strong naval connections having spent time at the Royal Naval College, Osbourne followed by Dartmouth. He then went on to earn a mention in despatches for his service on HMS Collingwood during the Battle of Jutland.

It is estimated that around 30,000 people are involved in building and supporting nuclear submarines across the UK. Maintaining this skilled workforce helps to invest millions of pounds into local communities and ensures the UK continues to boast a highly-skilled workforce in this sector.

Source: MOD

Image: Royal Navy Dreadnought-class Nuclear Submarine (Crown Copyright, 2018).