RAF QRA Typhoons from Lossiemouth interecept Russian Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjacks cockpit view (Crown Copyright, 2019)

RAF Intercept Russian Bombers Near UK Airspace

RAF Typhoons Scrambled as Two Russian Blackjack Tupolev Tu-160s Enter UK Area of Interest

RAF quick reaction alert Typhoon aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth scrambled to monitor two “Blackjack” Tupolev Tu-160 Russian bombers while they were in the UK area of interest. As NATO celebrates its seventieth anniversary, this is the third time RAF jets have been scrambled to monitor Russian aircraft in the last seven days.

Two Russian “Blackjack” Tupolev Tu-160 long range bombers approached from the North East and flew in international airspace off the East coast of the UK and then returned North. At no point did the Russian aircraft enter UK sovereign airspace.

Additional air-to-air refuelling support was provided by RAF Voyager aircraft from RAF Brize Norton alongside comms and radar support from the National Air Defence Operations Centre (High Wycombe) and Air Surveillance and Control System (RAF Boulmer). All of these elements remain on constant vigil to provide the RAF’s contribution to the defence of the UK.

The primary role of the Royal Air Force is to defend the UK, 365, 24/7 and, when necessary, UK interests overseas; the RAF will continue to remain alert and ready to intercept any unidentified military or civilian aircraft around UK airspace.

Source: MOD

Image: photograph taken from a RAF Typhoon aircraft, showing Two Russian Blackjack Tupolev Tu-160 long range bombers, seen here in the distance leaving long vapor trails. Image taken today (03/04/2019).