British Army Future Land Action Seminar, Sandhurst (Crown Copyright, 2019)

British Army Hosts Future Land Action Seminar #FLAS_19

Allied Nations Debate Force Development at Sandhurst

The British Army’s Future Land Action Seminar 2019 brought allies from Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA together at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to discuss the specific challenges of shared force development and ensuring interoperability from the design outset.

US Army War College: Plan to Go Wrong

First World War historian Jonathan Boff selected a quote from Prof. Michael Neiberg, an historian at the US Army War College, as his favourite: “we have to plan to go wrong.” Prof. Neiberg’s key point was that understanding history is vital for predicting future events.

British Army: Deception Delivers Advantage

The British Army highlighted the role of deception. “Deception, can deliver a significant advantage against our adversaries,” said a British Army spokeman, “we have been discussing how we make deception believable and effective to coerce our adversaries to make mistakes.” Deception tactics played a key role in World War II, especially in the run up to the Normandy Landings, celebrating their 75th anniversary this year (D-Day75).

Royal Netherlands Army: Security Through Foresight

Lt Gen. Leo Beulen, Royal Netherlands Army, laid out a vision of security through foresight enabled by input from all levels of military personnel. A spokesman from the British Army International Branch UK remarked that, “with people at its heart, the similarities with our own views are striking.”

Major General Wolksi presented for the German Bundeswehr. Other participants included the British Army’s Head Future Force Development, Brigadier Kev Copsey OBE, and Assistant Head Concepts, Colonel James P Cook OBE.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Keith Mallon, QinetiQ’s Campaign Manager Land Autonomy, briefed seminar participants on the role of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) in future warfare. Major Kitty McKendrick, REME, also took up the argument for robotics and autonomous systems.

Directors of Capability from the British Army and the French Armée de terre signed their first Letter of Intent at the seminar, marking a commitment to capability coherence, co-operation and collaboration between the armies of the two nations.

Image: flags of participants at the Future Land Action Seminar, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Crown Copyright, 2019).