British Army, Parachute Regiment, 2nd Battalion (2 PARA), Ex Olive Grove Jordan (Crown Copyright, 2019)

Ex Olive Grove: 2 PARA in Jordan

British Army’s Parachute Regiment Trains Alongside Jordanian Allies

Exercise Olive Grove sees soldiers from the 2nd Battalion of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment (2 PARA) putting their skills to the test alongside Jordanian counterparts during joint training on the desert plains of Jordan.

Ex OLIVE GROVE has seen B Company, 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment working with 3rd Company, 81st Quick Response Force Battalion. The six-week-long training is about building the British and Jordanian troops readiness for operations in the demanding conditions of the desert, and sharing each other’s hard-earned infantry skills.

2 PARA, as part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, and QRF serve as their respective army’s rapid reaction forces, a shared role which makes for a natural understanding and partnership between the soldiers.

Source: MOD

Image: soldiers from 2 PARA with a Jordanian Blackhawk Helicopter, during platoon raid on compound. Photograph by Cpl Jamie Hart (Crown Copyright, 2019).