Drone - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

How to Counter Future Unmanned Threats

New Report from the Spanish Army Shares C-UAS Strategy and Tactics

Lieutenant Colonel Luis Algara, Chief of the Department of Tactics, Techniques and Gunnery from the Spanish Army shares his insights in our latest report on how to prepare for future Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) threats.

The range of threats is broad, covering every aspect of the modern battlespace as unmanned systems include air vehicles (UAV/UAS/RPAS), ground vehicles and robotic systems (UGVs), surface and subsea vehicles (USV, UUV) and space vehicles.

Lt Col. Algara will be speaking at the Counter-UAS 2019 conference at the Hilton Kensington, London, joining others to address the key questions being asked by joint forces about the nature of the growing UAS threat and the appropriate tactics, techniques, technologies and procedures to counter it.

The UAS industry has grown considerably in recent years and our ability to counter these new threats is becoming more strained. These rapidly developing systems are becoming harder to identify and track, as well as being capable of carrying larger payloads. Their potential is devastating and the consequences of inaction are growing larger.

The third annual C-UAS Conference provides a platform for military and industry to discuss the current developments in C-UAS capabilities, emerging technologies and the latest case studies to give real-world context to the conceptual and theoretical discussions. The proliferation of inexpensive commercial UAS democratises capabilities previously held by militaries, and enhances asymmetric threats.

In the report, Lieutenant Colonel Algara examines the future operating environment and the impact on C-UAS capability development. He also identifies solutions to detect, classify and determine the original of small UAS on the battlefield.

Lieutenant Colonel Algara will discuss his findings at the Counter-UAS Conference, taking place on 16 – 18 April 2019 in London. Joining him are leaders from the British Army, US Army, German Army, Royal Netherlands Army and the Italian Armed Forces. Register now to meet international C-UAS military experts in one location.

As well as Lt Col. Algara, confirmed speakers at C-UAS include Lieutenant General Thomas Sharpy, Deputy Chief of Staff Capability Development, Allied Command Transformation, NATO; Dr Juanita Christensen, Director, US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Centre, US Army; Brigadier General Brian Gibson, Commandant, Air Defence Artillery School, US Army; Colonel Giles Malec, Commander Joint-GBAD, British Army; Colonel Cornelius Kliesing, Head of Capability, Situation, Analysis and Development Branch, German Army HQ; Colonel Claudio Icardi, Chief of Concept Development, Centre for Defence Innovation, Italian Armed Forces.

Attendees at this conference are expected to:

  • Gain understanding of what the future C-UAS operating environment will look like and how to prepare your forces for it
  • Align your current plans for C-UAS capabilities with the latest solutions and recommendations from leading experts
  • Make the correct decisions in this rapidly changing space in order to equip your force by examining new concepts and approaches to emerging technologies
  • Acquire the knowledge of how to better protect your forces be they static, on the move, at home or abroad
  • Implement cost effective solutions to defend against the increasing number of UAS threats by learning how to use the latest C-UAS technologies effectively

Click here to read Lt Col. Algara’s counter-UAS report.
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