Al-Shabaab Terrorist Attack Nairobi, Kenya, 15 January 2019

Al-Shabaab Terrorists Claim Nairobi Attack

Islamic Terror Group Al-Shabaab Claim Responsibility for Dusit Hotel Attack

Al-Shabaab terrorists have claimed responsibility for today’s attack on the Dusit D2 hotel and office complex in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, Tuesday, January 15.

At around 3:30 pm Tuesday afternoon, witnesses reported hearing at least one explosion and sustained gunfire at the Dusit D2 Hotel on Nairobi’s Riverside Drive.

Kenyan news organizations say several people were killed in the attack. As yet there has been no official confirmation of casualties from Kenyan authorities.

Somalia-based Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. Al-Shabaab later released a second statement saying “fierce clashes” continued at the site.

One witness, the former president of Somalia’s Olympic Committee, Duran Farah, told reporters that he heard “A loud explosion happened at the gate. Next there was shooting, an exchange of fire, a lot of fire, and we see people rushing and running around in every direction.” Farah and his colleagues escaped by running down an alleyway.

Farah said he saw “many people injured,” and said he believed the gunmen were still in the complex, more than two hours after the attack began.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe told reporters that security officers were conducting an operation to clear the complex and said that the minister of the interior would provide more details later.

“Whether it’s a terror attack or not security agencies will investigate and will provide more details. Investigation is ongoing,” he said in the phone interview.

Live video from the Associated Press showed vehicles burning outside the hotel and scores of people being escorted from the premises. Soldiers carrying rifles were seen entering the complex.

Workers who escaped the buildings said colleagues had huddled in offices and under desks for safety. Police have cordoned off the area.

The attack comes the day after a Nairobi court ruled that three suspects accused of aiding the 2013 attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall will be put on trial.

The 2013 attack killed at least 67 people and was carried out by al-Shabaab.