British Army 1st Queens Dragoon Guards Trooper Ross Woodward Queens Commendation for Gallantry (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Queen’s Dragoon Guards Trooper Recognised for Gallantry

Trooper Ross Woodward Award the Queen’s Commendation for Gallantry After Las Vegas Shooting

Trooper Ross Woodward, 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards, is being recognised for his bravery when confronted with a mass shooting in Las Vegas in October last year.

The latest Operational Honours and Awards list, Op List 50, has been published recognising conspicuous bravery and selfless service in the many operational theatres across the globe. One of those named was Trooper Woodward, awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery (QCB) for his part in helping victims of the Las Vegas shooting on 1 October last year when almost 500 people were hurt and 58 killed when a gunman opened fire on festival-goers at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Following a military exercise in the US, Ross was on Rest and Recuperation along with other members of his unit. When the lone gunman opened fire from a nearby hotel Ross, instead of fleeing, bravely led the other Troopers he was with towards the danger. Demonstrating outstanding leadership in the hotel, Ross took control of the situation and directed people to safety.

Pushing towards the gunfire, Ross was faced with seriously wounded people and he did not hesitate in treating them using his battlefield casualty drills training.

‘He consciously, deliberately and repeatedly advanced towards danger, moving people to safety and treating casualties.’

His citation says: “Throughout the incident, Woodward displayed conspicuous bravery, outstanding leadership and unwavering selflessness. He consciously, deliberately and repeatedly advanced towards danger, moving people to safety and treating casualties.

“There is no doubt that his assistance to the US first responders saved lives. His actions were exceptional and he is fully deserving of nationwide recognition.”

Describing the award as a “total surprise”, Trooper Woodward told reporters “Anyone in the military would have done the same”.

“To me it just felt like the right thing to do, because people were there and needed my help. I just did not want to walk away and leave them.

“If I ever need help, I hope and pray that someone would help me.”

24-year-old Trooper Woodard, from Beeston, Nottinghamshire, belongs to a regiment with a long and distinguished history stretching back more than 300 years. 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards is the Light Cavalry Regiment of Wales and the Border Counties, and the senior Regiment of the Line in the British Army.

Currently, around 150 soldiers from 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards are deployed on Operation CABRIT.

Source: British Army

Image: Trooper Ross Woodward, 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards (Crown Copyright, 2018).