Conference Call for Papers Preparing for Battle Leeds 2019

Conference: Preparing for Battle

University of Leeds War and Peace Research Cluster Issues Call for Papers

A two-day conference on the theme of preparing for battle, organised by the War and Peace Research Cluster at the University of Leeds will be held from 20 June – 21 June 2019.

Keynote speakers: Dr Jonathan Boff (Birmingham); Professor John France (Swansea); Dr Jessica Meyer (Leeds).

Carl von Clausewitz described war as a wrestling match, in which two opponents attempted to compel the other to their will through force. This analogy is useful for understanding war, as in both warfare and wrestling, the effective application of force is reliant on the months and years of preparation preceding it.This takes many forms, including the development of technical skills, physical capability, and mental preparedness for the challenges ahead. Nor does it involve just the soldier and wrestler. It is dependent on the support and involvement of other individuals and institutions, ranging from family to religion, from priests to medical care.

Critical Aspects of Warfare and History

This conference will explore how militaries and the societies which created them have prepared themselves for battle and combat to shed light on a critical aspect of warfare and human history.

Papers of 20 minutes in length will be welcomed from all disciplines and background; on subject matter ranging from the institutional to the individual; covering actors from Field Marshals to family waiting at home; and from time periods spanning Palaeolithic to contemporary warfare. Within this broader theme of preparing for battle suggested topics include:

  • Training, Discipline and Morale, Religion, Ritual and Superstition
  • Propaganda, Medical, Tactics
  • Strategy, Logistics, Gender
  • Operational Art, Doctrine and Learning, Recruitment
  • Popular Culture, Those at Home
  • Combat Psychology

Deadline: 1 February 2019

To present a paper, please submit a title and a 200-word abstract, accompanied by your name, institutional/organisational affiliation (if any), and a 100-word bibliographical statement to by Friday, 1 February 2019.

There will be a conference fee of £30 (£20 for Postgraduate Students). Finalised booking arrangements will be announced shortly.