British Army Royal Welsh Regiment, 1st Battalion (1 R WELSH), on Ex SABER STRIKE 2018 (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Land Combat Power Visit 18

British Army to Show the Military Deployment Process

The British Army Land Combat Power Visit features a demonstration of combat power including an armoured assault onto an urban objective.

The Land Combat Power Visit 18 will show the utility of a modernised Army in the 21st century. The Urban Operations Demonstration and various static stands will allow visitors to experience, at first hand, operations in an urban environment and to begin to understand the complexity of the likely battlefields of the future.

Throughout the demonstration, we will show how our capabilities are adapted to meet emerging and future threats. The quality and diversity of our officers and soldiers represented at the various demonstrations are what gives the British Army its unique edge. Those attending the Land Combat Power Visit will follow the journey of a military deployment, from the way we fight to the way we sustain ourselves, and everything in between.

Command and Control Stand

The British Army’s Command Philosophy is Mission Command.  This stand will show 3 (UK) Division going through the processes of planning, decision-making and imposes its will to accomplish missions.

Urban Operations Demonstration

A demonstration of a Company Group in the close fight in a complex urban contemporary operating environment. This features Challenger 2, Warrior Armoured Fighting Vehicles and an Armoured Engineer Troop.

Deep Operations Stand

The fight against enemy forces and resources in depth, this stand features various lethal and non-lethal capabilities including aviation, artillery, and ground mounted reconnaissance.

Protected Sustainment Stand

Those attending will find out how land forces survive and sustain themselves on the battlefield. Visitors will move through the journey of a deployment through the rear areas through to the front line, understanding how our forces move and fight and are given the support to be able to conduct decisive offensive operations as well as shaping and protecting tasks.

Force Development Stand

Featuring the Armoured and Infantry Trials and Development Units and the Strike Experimentation Group to show how we continue to develop and deliver the battle-winning capability for the Army now and in the future.

Where and When is Land Combat Power Visit Taking Place?

09:00 – 16:00 Daily
Salisbury Plain
Source: British Army
Image: British Army Royal Welsh Regiment, 1st Battalion (1 R WELSH), on Ex SABER STRIKE 2018 (Crown Copyright, 2018).