Islamic State (ISIS) Knife Attack Paris

Afghan Man Stabs Seven in Paris

Paris Knife Attack Leaves Seven Wounded, Including Two British Tourists

Seven people have been wounded in an unprovoked knife attack in Paris, Sunday evening. An Afghan man has been detained by police, with authorities quick to emphasise that no link to Islamic terrorism has yet been established.

The attack took place late Sunday evening in Paris’s Bassin de la Villette area in the 19th arrondissement. The Afghan man went on a rampage with a large 10 or 11-inch knife, leaving four critically injured.

A group of petanque players gave chase, pelting the Afghan attacker with balls until finally cornering him. According to those involved, the attacker was over-powered shortly before police arrived at the scene.

Two British tourists were injured in the attack. One man was stabbed in the chest, the other in the head.

According to France24, a source close to the inquiry stated that the attacker had targeted “foreigners.”

The British embassy in Paris told The Local that “Our consular staff are assisting two British people who have been hospitalised in Paris, and are in contact with French medical staff who are treating them.”

Islamic Terror Link Not Established

Police have stated that they have not yet found a link between the knife attacks and any Islamic terrorist organisations. It is not known at this stage if the Afghan national was on the terror watch list.

France is still on high alert following years of serious Islamic terrorist attacks that have left over 240 dead. Recent events include a knife attack on August 23 by a 36-year-old man on France’s terror watchlist, another Afghan man went on a knife rampage on August 13, and a female knife-assailant injured two people on June 17, shouting Allahu Akbar (“God is great”). The French Army continues to guard sites of national importance under Operation Sentinelle.

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