British Army Parachute Regiment 3rd Battalion (3 PARA) on Exercise Quick Response 2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Crown Copyright, 2018) [880]

3 PARA in Exercise Quick Response 2018

British Army’s Parachute Regiment in Bosnia and Herzegovina for EUFOR Exercise

Soldiers from the British Army’s 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), took part in a parade at Camp BUTMIR, Sarajevo, to mark the opening of Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2018. British soldiers will work alongside fellow members of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion in locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), proving its ability to maintain security in support of local authorities and the Armed Forces.

At the opening ceremony in Camp “Butmir”, COMEUFOR Major General Martin Dorfer emphasized that this year’s exercise will be the largest one so far, taking place at several locations throughout BiH.

In a situation of a potential threat to the safe and secure environment, Quick Response Exercises test the complex mechanisms that can be activated and integrated with reserve troops already arranged, Dorfer explained.

“Together, we will demonstrate that the citizens of BiH can be assured of our joint and combined commitment to ensuring the safe and secure environment,” Dorfer said.

EUFOR Multinational Battalion

Taking place from Sept. 3-7, “Quick Response 2018” practices EUFOR’s capability to call in parts of their reserve forces and engage them in an international exercise. This annual international exercise involves EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion, the elements of the reserve forces from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, the United Kingdom and the NATO Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion.

“Including forces from BiH, a total of eight nations and over 1,000 troops will actively participate in Quick Response 2018, demonstrating that we are collectively unified in the primary aim of being prepared to ensure a safe and secure environment,” Dorfer concluded.

BiH Minister of Defense Marina Pendes pointed out that the current security challenges threatening BiH and the region necessitate a better and closer cooperation of all relevant stakeholders in security and defense sectors, including BiH Armed Forces and EUFOR.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Aiming for EU and NATO Membership

Pendes said that the exercise will provide the necessary tools to support BiH aspirations towards full membership in the European Union (EU) and NATO.

EUFOR is governed by the UN Security Council’s executive mandate for this exercise and is required to regularly rehearse this reinforcement. This year’s exercise will bring together BiH Law Enforcement Agencies, BiH Armed Forces and EUFOR, in order to test the respective contingency plans and the capability to be mutually supporting.

Sources: MOD and other sources.

Image: British Army’s 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), at Camp Butmir for EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2018 (Crown Copyright, 2018).