British Army Royal Scots Dragoon Guards SCOTS DG Op TOSCA Medal Cyprus Parade (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Op TOSCA Medal for Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Receive Medals for Cyprus Peacekeeping Tour

The British Army’s Royal Scots Dragoon Guards have received medals for their recent Operational Tour in Cyprus, codenamed Op TOSCA. Medals to the 210 strong Parade were presented by Brigadier Gary Deakin of HQ 51st Infantry Brigade on Friday 4th May 11.30 at Leuchars Station in Scotland.

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) (SCOTS DG) are one of Britain’s oldest and most well known regiments with battle honours stretching back to Waterloo, they are also Scotland’s only regular cavalry regiment and perform the role of light cavalry. The Unit moved back from Germany to Leuchars Station in Fife in 2015.


The UK commitment to UN Peacekeeping in Cyprus, codenamed OP TOSCA, has been ongoing since the mid-1960s and helps keep the peace along the Green Line between Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities on the island.

The British Army’s contribution to the UNITED NATIONS FORCE IN CYPRUS (UNFICYP) has been running since 1964, making it the longest continuous operation for the British Army.

Source: MOD.

Image: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards awarded Op TOSCA medal for Cyprus tour by Brigadier Gary Deakin at Leuchars Station (Crown Copyright, 2018).