British Army Parachute Regiment, 3rd Battalion (3 PARA), Joint Expeditionary Force demonstration, Joint Warrior 18 (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Urban Combat with 3 PARA at Joint Warrior Finale

Parachute Regiment Joined by Eight Nations in Joint Warrior 18 Finale

The British Army’s Parachute Regiment was joined by the eight other member nations of the Joint Expeditionary Force for a live fire exercise as part of Joint Warrior 2018.

The Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) brings together soldiers from Denmark, Estonia, Finalnd, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, with the UK playing a leading role as the “framework nation”.

Joining the British Army’s 3rd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (3 PARA), were members of the Danish Jutland Dragoon Regiment, the Lithuanian “Iron Wolf” Brigade and the latvian Mechanised Infantry Brigade to practice urban combat at special facilities on Salisbury Plain with air support provided by Apaches, Chinooks, Wildcats and RAF Tornado fighter jets.

Estonian and British troops rehearsed yesterday for the Joint Expeditionary Force Demonstration as part of Exercise Joint Warrior in Copehill Down, Salisbury Plain Training Area.

Copehill Down was built in the 1980s as a fake German village. Today it is being used a training ground by UK-led multinational forces as part of Joint Warrior 18.

The British Army’s airborne forces are testing their ability to fight alongside mechanised infantry from key European and NATO allies.

16 Air Assault Brigade is deployed in command of a highly capable multinational force on the two-week long (20th Apr to 5th May 18) Exercise Joint Warrior on Salisbury Plain.

The force is made up of the 3 PARA Battlegroup – built around the airborne infantry of 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment bolstered by artillery, engineers, medics, signallers and logisticians; the Danish Army’s II Panserinfanteribataljon Jydske Dragonregiment (2 JDR), a mechanised infantry battlegroup including Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Swedish troops; and Aviation Task Force 1, commanded by 4 Regiment Army Air Corps with Apache attack helicopters, Wildcat utility helicopters and RAF Chinook and Puma 2 transport helicopters.

Across the exercise, the force will practice using the air manoeuvre capabilities of 3 PARA and ATF-1 to support and enable 2 JDR operations on the ground.

Visiting the soldiers taking part in Joint Warrior 18, Defence Minister Gavin Williamson said:

Nations are judged by the friends they keep. The exercise today sends a clear message to our allies and adversaries alike – our nations have what it takes to keep our people safe and secure in an uncertain world. From counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling to information warfare, we are stronger by sharing expertise and developing joint tactics across air, land, sea and cyber.

The new Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, was also among the VIPs attending the Joint Warrior demonstration.

Commanding Officers of 3 PARA🇬🇧 and 2 JDR🇩🇰 exchange gifts to mark the close bonds between their units, forged in the field on #JointWarrior

Source: MOD and British Army sources.

Images: Joint Warrior 18 (Crown Copyright, 2018).