Lithuania, Mechanised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf on Exercise Joint Warrior 18 (Lithuanian Armed Forces, 2018)

Lithuanian Iron Wolves in Joint Warrior 18 (#JointWarrior)

Iron Wolf Brigade in Europe’s Biggest Military Exercise

Around 160 soldiers from Lithuania’s Iron Wolf Brigade are taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior 18, a multinational military exercise taking place across the UK from 21 April to 3 May 2018, according to a statement from the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The soldiers are from The Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion (Lithuanian: Lietuvos didžiojo kunigaikščio Algirdo mechanizuotasis pėstininkų batalionas), stationed in Rukla, which is part of the Mechanised Infantry Brigade “Iron Wolf” (MIB “Iron Wolf”) (Lithuanian: mechanizuotoji pėstininkų brigada “Geležinis Vilkas”). The Iron Wolf Brigade is the core unit of the Lithuanian Land Force (LLF) and forms the country’s contribution to NATO’s collective defence.

The Battalion is named after Algirdas (c. 1296 – May 1377), a famous ruler of medieval Lithuania from 1345 to 1377. The name of the Brigade — “Iron Wolf” — derives from a Lithuanian mythical character in the medieval foundation legend of Vilnius.

Iron Wolves “Bound by the Same Goals”

Lieutenant Colonel Aurelijus Alasauskas, Commander of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion, said:

Multinational exercise Joint Warrior 18.1 in the United Kingdom is another test of experience and skills of Algirdas Battalion personnel that includes not only actions in an area but also planning of different scopes to ensure sufficient readiness, re-deployment, and sustainment. It is also a great opportunity to share experience with allies and partners we are bound with by the same goals.

The Lithuanian Iron Wolves will be training as part of the contingent from Denmark. The Algirdas Battalion has worked with their Danish counterparts before. Last year, the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Company were part of the Danish Battle Group tasked as NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force.

Joitn Warrior 18 will see the soldiers of the Iron Wolf Brigade on Salisbury Plain with other members of the UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Image: Lithuanian soldiers from Algirdas Battalion, Iron Wolf Brigade, during Exercise Joint Warrior 18 (Lithuanian Armed Forces, 2018).