British Army 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland host Russian military, Vienna Document, during Ex Joint Warrior 18 (Crown Copyright, 2018)

Russians Arrive for Joint Warrior 18

Russian Military Inspect Multinational Exercise

Colonel Charlie Wallace gave Russian military personnel a guided tour of 51st Infantry Brigade, Headquarters Scotland, in Stirling. Three officers from the Russian Federation and one from Belarus were hosted by 51 Brigade before visiting Exercise Joint Warrior 18. The team from the Russian Arms Control Verification Agency were here to inspect UK defence units in-line with our obligations under the Vienna Document.

The Vienna Document came into force in 1990 and currently has 57 participating States, including Russia. Designed to promote mutual trust and transparency, it commits participating States to accept a number of inspection visits by other members each year, in order to verify there are no undeclared military capabilities or activities of concern.

51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland is an Adaptable Force Brigade of the British Army. It is the regional administrative formation responsible for all the units of the Army Reserve based in Scotland and an Adaptable Force Brigade under Army 2020.

Statement from the Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JACIG)

The UK’s lead officer for Arms Control implementation, Wing Commander Danny Endruweit, Commanding Officer of the UK’s Joint Arms Control Implementation Group (JACIG), oversaw the inspection:

This week we welcomed a team from Russia and Belarus to the UK for a Vienna Document mission.  Such missions are commonplace, reciprocal and have been going on for many years. We last welcomed Russia to the UK in April last year, and we conducted an inspection in Russia in January.

When these missions occur in the UK, my unit acts as the escorts for the inbound delegation. We ensure that the UK meets its international obligations, smooth the interaction between the visiting team and the UK military, and provide assurances to both sides that everything is being conducted in an accordance with the specifications of the agreement.

So why do we do it? Even at times of heightened political tension we stick to our values, and honour our agreements. The UK is a champion of the rules based system upon which all our security depends.

Conventional Arms Control policy is provided by the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office through the Joint Unit on Euro Atlantic Security Policy. The United Kingdom remains fully committed to the Vienna Document, to its principles and to the benefits we have derived, and continue to derive, from its admirable aims and objectives. The UK firmly support its positive impact on Euro-Atlantic Security – including the transparency, certainty and predictability that are delivered through its implementation.

The two-day visit started at the Army Headquarters in Stirling before the Inspection party were airlifted by Merlin helicopter to another Exercise area in Galloway, Scotland.

Source: MOD

Image: Russian Arms Control Verification Agency at 51st Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Scotland during Joint Warrior 18 (Crown Copyright, 2018).