Royal Navy HMS St Albans escorts Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry through the English Channel (Crown Copyright, 2018) [880]

Royal Navy Escorts Russian Frigate

HMS St Albans Escorts Yaroslav Murdy in English Channel

The Royal Navy’s frigate HMS St Albans today escorted a Russian warship through the English Channel and Dover Strait. The Portsmouth-based Type 23 frigate was activated earlier this week to keep watch on the Russian Neustrashimyy-class frigate Yaroslav Mudry.

As the current Fleet Ready Escort, HMS St Albans is the Royal Navy’s very high readiness ship which is charged with protecting the integrity of UK waters.

Image: Royal Navy ship HMS St Albans (background) with the Russian frigate Yaroslav Mudry (foreground) off the UK coastline (Crown Copyright, 2018).