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Rorke’s Drift Tribute Erased After Complaint

Army Reservist’s Tribute to VC Heroes Victim to Political Correctness

A London Underground employee was forced to remove his tribute to the British soldiers who survived against the odds at the battle of Rorke’s Drift because of a single complaint that it was “celebrating colonialism,” according to the Telegraph.

The employee at Dollis Hill underground station, who is also a reservist in the British Army, commemorated the anniversary of Rorke’s Drift by writing a simple, factual message on a noticeboard:

On this day in history: On the 22-23 of January 1879 in natal South Africa, a small British garrison named Rorke’s Drift was attack[ed] by 4,000 Zulu warriors. The garrison was successfully defended by just over 150 British and colonial troops. Following the battle, eleven men were awarded the Victoria Cross.

The Battle of Rorke’s Drift took place during the Anglo-Zulu War, when a force of up to 4,000 Zulus attacked an isolated Christian mission station. With just over 150 men, Lieutenants John Chard, Corps of Royal Engineers, and Gonville Bromhead, 24th Regiment of Foot, successfully repulsed the attack. Most of the native troops ran away, leaving only 11 to supplement about 140 British soldiers. The defenders lost 17 men, the Zulus at least 351 confirmed. Both Chard and Bromhead received the Victoria Cross, along with nine others – the most ever received for a single action by one regiment.

According to the Daily Mail, singer Lily Allen made the complaint. Colonel Richard Kemp hit back on social media, saying,

I have no idea who “Lily Allen” is but quite clearly she is an ill-informed virtue-signaller. It is quite right that we remember the heroic actions of our soldiers in history. maybe she should head to South Africa and tear down the Rorke’s Drift Museum.

Col. Kemp, now retired, has served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, the Balkans and Afghanistan, putting his life at risk in defence of his country.

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