RAF Typhoon FGR4

Typhoons Bomb ISIS Mortar Positions

RAF Aircraft Providing Air Support Over Raqqa, Syria

The latest report from the British Ministry of Defence details RAF airstrikes in and around Raqqa, Syria, for the period May 17 to May 21. The Ministry of Defence refers to the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, or ISIL) as Daesh. Two Typhoons assisted the Syrian Democratic Forces are currently preparing for a final offensive to re-take Raqqa.

On Wednesday 17 May, a coalition surveillance aircraft flying north-west of Raqqa spotted an ISIS mortar position. Two RAF Typhoons responded, destroying the mortar position with a guided missile. The Typhoons then headed to eastern Syria, where they bombed two buildings near Al Ulwah which were being used by another Daesh mortar team and their spotters.

Thursday 18 May, a few miles east of Raqqa, a group of ISIS fighters are trying to cross open ground. They were intercepted by RAF Typhoons and took heavy casualties from guided missiles.

On Saturday 20 May, Typhoons maintained operations over Syria, where they conducted a further attack on a Daesh-held building near Al Ulwah. On Sunday 21 May, on the eastern outskirts of Raqqa, Typhoons destroyed an ISIS weapons stockpile.

Source: Ministry of Defence

Image: Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 by SAC Tim Laurence (Crown Copyright, 2016).

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