RAF Tornado GR4 with Storm Shadow Missiles (Crown Copyright, OGL)

RAF Air Dominance Over Mosul

RAF Aircraft Destroy ISIS’s Assets in Western Mosul

The latest report from the British Ministry of Defence details RAF airstrikes in and around western Mosul for the period May 15 to May 21. The Ministry of Defence refers to the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, or ISIL) as Daesh.

Brimstone Missiles Take Out ISIS Machine-Gun Positions

Three flights of Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 and Typhoon FGR4 aircraft operated over western Mosul on Monday 15 May. As well as conducting tactical reconnaissance, our aircraft also provided support to Iraqi troops engaged in very close combat with Daesh extremists. Three Brimstone missiles were used in very precise attacks on terrorist firing points, including a medium machine-gun position, while Paveway IV guided bombs struck another machine-gun team, demolished four Daesh-held buildings, and cratered a road to prevent terrorist movements along it.

Tornado Takes On ISIS Tank

Wednesday 17 May, a Tornado flight meanwhile patrolled over Mosul, where they used a Brimstone missile to strike a terrorist position. Another Tornado flight later struck a Daesh tank loaded on the back of a heavy transport vehicle in north west Iraq, hitting it with a Brimstone.

RAF Keep Up Pressure During Sand Storm

Both Typhoon and Tornado flights operated over Mosul on Thursday 18 May, and between them conducted three attacks, successfully using Paveway IVs and a Brimstone to target terrorist positions. The following day, Tornados provided further support to the Iraqi ground forces, despite very challenging conditions as a dust storm raged. Again, a mixture of Brimstones and Paveway IVs were used to engage seven Daesh positions within the city, including a sniper team and a mortar, despite the Iraqi forces being extremely close to the targets on occasion.

Tornado vs Sniper

On Saturday 20 May, in Mosul, two more terrorist positions were bombed by Tornados. The latter hit a further pair of targets in Mosul on Sunday 21 May, eliminating a sniper and a heavy machine-gun team.

Source: Ministry of Defence

Image: RAF Tornado GR4 with Storm Shadow Missiles (Crown Copyright, OGL).

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