Russia Kalashnikov BAS-01G Soratnik Attack Robot

Kalashnikov’s Latest Attack Robot

New 20-Tonne Combat Robot Ready for Testing in 2018

Kalashnikov’s CEO, Aleksei Krivoruchko, told TASS Thursday, May 11, that Russia’s newest reconnaissance and attack robot, will be ready for testing in 2018.

Kalashnikov demonstrated its first robotized system last year, the 7-tonne Soratnik, developed at the request of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Soratnik is an armoured tracked vehicle equipped with a computerized control system, secure radio communications, target acquisition and tracking, and a weapons module. This robot is capable of interacting with other robot combat units, such as Zala Aero drones.

Bigger than Soratnik

Soratnik underwent combat testing in Syria earlier this year and will be in service with the Russian army within the coming months. According to Sputnik News, Krivoruchko announced at IDEX 2017 in UAE:

What we presented at the Army [2016 forum] was still an experimental model. We are now actively working with the Defense Ministry, finalizing the system and expecting to receive the first serial machine this year.

Remotely operable to a range of six miles, Soratnik can be fitted with a 7.62mm Kalashnikov PKTM machine gun, or a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, grenade launchers and up to eight Kornet guided missiles with a range of three miles.

Growing Robotic Combat Range

Other unmanned systems include the Uran-6 mine-clearing robot and the Uran-9 combat model. Uran-9 is a tracked combat robot equipped with multiple weapon systems. A specially-designed turret is mounted with a 2A72 automatic cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun with associated sights. Ten missiles are also fitted on a separate, collapsible carriage – four 9S120 Ataka guided anti-tank missiles and two 9S846 Strelets triple-missile MANPADS mounts, each carrying three 9K33 Igla.

Kalashnikov plans to showcase a family of combat robot systems at Russia’s forthcoming Army 2017 event. In an earlier interview, Krivoruchko told TASS about Kalashnikov’s robot programme:

We are pushing ahead with this work and hope to show some of our achievements at the Army-2017. I’m talking not about one vehicle, but a whole family of reconnaissance and attack vehicles of different class that can operate as a team.

No further details or pictures of the new robotic system have yet been released.
Photo: Russia Kalashnikov Nerekhta Attack Robot.

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