Air Safety for RAF Media Reserves

How to Take Photographs Without losing Your Head

Chinook and Puma helicopter crews from RAF Benson have been teaching RAF media reservists how to operate safely around rotary aircraft.

Loadmasters, engineers and pilots from 28 (AC) Squadron and 230 Squadron briefed Media Reserves personnel on the principles of air safety, allowing them to carry out their media jobs on helicopters while keeping themselves and the crew safe.

Putting their new knowledge into practice, the team got airborne in a Puma helicopter from 230 Squadron, photographing and filming its crew at work.


“Air safety is absolutely critical in everything we do, not just in my role as aircrew but also for everyone else we work with here at RAF Benson. It’s always our number one priority to keep us and everyone we work with safe,” explained a pilot from 28 (AC) Squadron.


Media Reserves personnel from 7644 Squadron and 614 (County of Glamorgan) Squadron have been on a week of air safety training, visiting aircrew at RAF Coningsby, RAF Benson and RAF Brize Norton to learn about operating safely in and around various aircraft.

Words: SAC Hickinson

Images: Sqn Ldr Wasley and SAC Sharples

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Source: RAF

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