Pakistan Navy Special Service Group, Pakistan navy Ship PNS Babur, Arabian Sea, 25 Nov 2007, by Michael Zeltakalns (US Navy)

Pakistan Foils Islamic Terror Attack

Raids Capture 5 Militants Linked to Al-Qaeda, IS

Pakistan authorities that security forces in separate raids have captured five senior militants working for al-Qaeda and Islamic State terrorist networks out of Karachi.

The detainees included bomb-making experts, trained suicide bombers and an “al-Qaida recruiter” for Pakistan, said Colonel Qaisar Khan, a spokesman for the provincial paramilitary force called Rangers, on April 12.

Islamic Terrorists were Plotting Attack

Security forces have also seized suicide vests, weapons and ammunition from their possession, he told reporters in Karachi. The militants, Khan said, have been plotting attacks on religious minorities, Rangers and police personnel in the port city, Pakistan’s largest and commercial hub.

An initial probe has established the men’s “links and footprints with both al-Qaeda and Daesh,” he added. Daesh is another name for Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL).

Trained by al-Qaeda

Some of the detainees received training in al-Qaeda-run camps in North Waziristan and neighboring Afghanistan in 2013 before moving and basing themselves in Karachi, the spokesman asserted.

North and South Waziristan, part of the Federally Administered Trial Area (FATA)

North and South Waziristan, part of the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA)

Waziristan and Afghanistan Still Security Threats

Al-Qaeda operatives have for years used volatile Pakistani areas, including the Waziristan tribal district, as their sanctuaries, though officials insist the terrorism infrastructure has been dismantled by sustained counter-terrorism military operations.

Pakistani authorities deny an “organized” presence of IS in the country and allege that loyalists of the Middle East-based terrorist groups are staging attacks in Pakistan from sanctuaries inside “ungoverned” border areas of neighboring Afghanistan.

Source: Voice of America

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