Palace of Westminster, London, scene of 22 March 2017 Islamic terrorist attack

Police Had Warned UK Terror Attack ‘Highly Likely’

BRITAIN’S most senior counter-terrorism chief has warned of a “highly likely” terror attack after a string of foiled plots.

Islamic Terror Attack in UK ‘Highly Likely’

Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, warned almost three weeks ago that “an attack is highly likely, we’ve been there since late 2014 and will probably stay there for some time.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on 6 March 2017, Rowley revealed that UK security services had foiled 13 attempted Islamic terror plots since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in 2014 and that the UK threat level was still at “severe.”

Defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq Likely to Increase Terrorism in Europe

Rowley also warned

The military progress squeezing the territory of ISIS… I see that as good news but we mustn’t assume that the terrorist threat is simply about Isis or simply about what’s happening in Syria.

Al-Qaeda remain a threat and there are offshoots of both organisations. The military success is welcome but in and of itself it’s not going to eradicate the terrorist problem.

ISIS fighters fleeing the collapse of the so-called Caliphate in Syria and Iraq pose a heightened threat to Europe. Adam Deen, a former member of Islamic terror group Al-Muhajiroun, warned that ISIS is far from finished:

We need to be extremely worried about ISIS returnees. There will also be those that are very dangerous, who have not disavowed their ideas and have lots of reasons to perform their jihadi act.

Security services are currently running 500 live investigations into terror threats against Britain. Arrest levels are close to one per day. Despite that, Islamic terrorists were still able to strike at the heart of British democracy, yesterday.


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