Palace of Westminster, London, scene of 22 March 2017 Islamic terrorist attack

Islamic State Claims Responsibility for London Terrorist Attack

Attacker was a “Soldier of Islamic State”

Islamic State’s news agency has announced that the London Parliament attacker was a “soldier of Islamic State.” Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) said that the man had responded to the terrorist group’s call to attack civilians and the military in countries allied with the Global Coalition now fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Islamic Terrorism

British Prime Minister Theresa May today said that it was wrong to call yesterday’s attack, which left four people dead including the terrorist, an act of Islamic terrorism. She now has confirmation that the terror attack was inspired by the religion of Islam and carried out by a believer in Islam.

London remains on high alert as a fresh Islamic terrorist incident is reported from Antwerp.

Source: IS Claims Responsibility for Britain Parliament Attack

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