Syrian Democratic Forces, Northern Raqqa Offensive (Nov 2016-2017), 12 Dec 2016, Voice of America

#ISIS Increasingly Isolated in #Raqqa

Syrian-Arab Troops Continue Operations Around Raqqa

In Syria, Syrian Democratic Forces and their Syrian-Arab Coalition continue operations to isolate Raqqa along two axes east of the city, CJTF-OIR spokesman US Air Force Col. Dorrian said.

Our partners have rolled back ISIS territorial gains to the east, north and west of the city, capturing more than 7,400 square kilometers of territory.

Coaltion Airstrikes and Artillery Give Support

To support U.S. partners’ operations, Dorrian said, the coalition airstrikes have destroyed more than 130 enemy armored and soft-skin vehicles, 57 car bombs and more than 450 enemy fighting positions, enabling the momentum of the campaign to continue.

The coalition also brings in temporary capabilities, such as the recent deployment of US Marines for all-weather fire support.

Coalition Assistance in Manbij

The colonel added that a small coalition force also continues its actions that started around Manbij, when the city was liberated Aug. 13, 2016.

“Since that time, coalition forces have continued to train, advise, assist and accompany Manbij Military Council forces as they provide security to the people of Manbij and restore local governance and public works to the city,” Dorrian said.

Coalition forces being present in the area improves transparency and facilitates communication among all parties in the area to avoid misunderstanding and miscalculation, he noted.

“[The] coalition is in part a reassuring presence for partner forces that they can rely on to ensure the focus is against ISIS as we turn toward Raqqa,” Dorrian said.

Source: US Department of Defense

Photo: Syrian Democratic Forces, Northern Raqqa Offensive (Nov 2016-2017), 12 Dec 2016, Voice of America.

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