Tough Battle Against #ISIS in Western #Mosul

Iraqi Troops Fighting in Government District

Iraqi security forces are battling Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fighters in western Mosul’s government center complex in its operation to liberate their country’s second-largest city from ISIS control, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters.

“The fighting is getting tough there,” he said, adding that the Iraqi forces have severed a section of Highway 1, which now ”sub-isolates” Mosul.

23rd Day of Operations to Liberate Western Mosul

As the battle to liberate western Mosul entered its 23rd day of operations yesterday, Davis said, the Iraqi counterterrorism service continued clearance operations against stiff enemy resistance while federal police conducted defensive operations.

To the north and east of the Tigris River, the 16th Iraqi Army Division retained the water treatment plant and continued clearance operations along the Euphrates River, he noted.

In the eastern and western sectors of the city, the Iraqi forces have retaken 4,000 square kilometers of territory — nearly 2,500 square miles — since overall Mosul offensive began Oct. 17, Davis said. The coalition conducted six strikes in last 24 hours in support of western Mosul operations, totaling 78 engagements and 213 munitions, he added

Source: US Department of Defense

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