Navy IT security deal protects high-risk routers, chips & switches


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Navy IT security deal protects high-risk routers, chips & switches

A multiple award Navy contract for information communications technology and equipment (ICT/E) for the Navy, underlines a heightened focus on securing IT and communications systems, including intrusion detection systems, encryptors, and storage area networks.

The multiple award contracts were awarded to Cypher Analytics (operating as Crown Point Systems), Cyber Core Technologies LLC, ALOM Technologies, and World Wide Technologies. The contracts were awarded according to the risk-level of ICT/E each firm was eligible to provide.

The high-risk ICT/E category includes firewalls, intrusion detection systems, routers, and semiconductor chips and switches. As reported on at the 11th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, intrusion detection technology works by identifying threatening network traffic and any compromises in the firewall as they appear.

The system can be either host-based or network-based, and the latest versions use simultaneously network signature and anomaly recognition mechanisms to identify potential threats.

The medium-risk ICT/E category contains encryptors, hard disk and solid-state drives, servers, and work stations. While the low-risk ICT/E category mainly consists of equipment such as, cabinets, power strips, and storage area networks.

Cypher Analytics, and Cyber Core Technologies LLC each received a $47.5 million contract for procurement of all ICT/E categories of risk.

ALOM Technologies and World Wide Technologies were awarded contracts for $14.25 million for procurement of materials in the medium and low-risk categories of ICT/E.

The expected completion date for all firms involved is February 27, 2022 and the contract will bring ICT/E operational improvements for all risk levels.

With the indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract, funding is allocated through delivery orders that are competed for by the contractors eligible under the terms of the contract.

The contract will not expire at the end of this fiscal year, and is a firm-fixed-price contract.

The funding for this contract comes out of the Pentagon budget allocations for Navy Operations and Maintenance, and Other Procurement, and general Research Development, Test and Evaluation. The contract represents a multi-level step forward for IT and communication in the Navy over the next four years.


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